Paul Maden

How Alton Got His Site Back

August 28, 2013Daddy No Comments »

Well this has been a long time coming but today Alton’s website has finally returned.

So what happened? Basically the old server died, taking Alton’s site and some of his Daddy’s with it. Most sites had a recent backup, except for Alton’s which was brand new and I only had a copy of the database. This was not good!

Fast forward four years and, lo and behold, Daddy knows more about the workings of WordPress, and stumbles upon the database backup file. Two hours tinkering, a bit of Googling, and a new header image later and it’s all done.

Sorry Alton it’s taken so long, but I promised you your site back, and here it is. Now get typing away and tell the world what you’ve been up to. Over to you…

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