Paul Maden

Too Hot

July 24, 2014Daddy No Comments »

Today I am far too hot to do any work. I’ve tried swishing my little tail about, but at only 2″ long it’s not doing much good. Daddy, please can I have an ice cream?

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August 29, 2013Alton 1 Comment »

My name is Alton, and I’m the best, All the lady lions want to feel my chest. Hehe!

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How Alton Got His Site Back

August 28, 2013Daddy No Comments »

Well this has been a long time coming but today Alton’s website has finally returned. So what happened? Basically the old server died, taking Alton’s site and some of his Daddy’s with it. Most sites had a recent backup, except for Alton’s which was brand new and I only had a copy of the database. […]

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Alton and the Jelly Beans

August 2, 2009Daddy 1 Comment »

In the early hours of last Wednesday, I was awakened from a deep sleep by a rustling noise coming from the corner of my bedroom…

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Hello world!

July 20, 2009Daddy 1 Comment »

Welcome to The Adventures of Alton! Alton, as the picture up top suggests, is a baby lion…

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